Introduction to Trireme-Kubernetes

Introduction to Trireme-Kubernetes

Webinar Registration 12/19, 1PM (Pacific Time)

Open Source Security – Streamlined for Kubernetes

Aporeto is excited to introduce Trireme-Kubernetes (, an open source security solution that enables cloud infrastructure and development teams an efficient means to secure k8s clusters and services without the use of IPtables, ACLs, or overlays, eliminating network overhead and simplifying developer workflows.

Whether you are migrating applications to k8s or building new ones in any cloud or on-premise, Trireme-k8s enables:

  • Ease of deployment – up and running with just a few commands
  • Scale – define and enforce k8s network policy for service connections within the same cluster and across multiple clusters and regions
  • Visibility – see visualizations of authorized and restricted application service connections
  • Flexible Segmentation – secure multiple applications deployed in the same node

If you are interested in learning more about Trireme-Kubernetes, join us for a webinar on Tuesday 12/19 at 1pm PDT which will include a 45 minute feature overview and live demo.